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Students may hire an instrument from us if receiving lessons from a Rotherham Music teacher, at no extra cost for the first year of tuition and then £10 per year after the first year. We have a large stock of good quality instruments. Where appropriate, for example with stringed instruments, there are smaller sizes to enable younger pupils to have an instrument that they can play comfortably.





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Meet the Violin

Meet the French Horn

Meet the Piano

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Instrumental and Vocal Lessons with

Rotherham Music


Instrumental and vocal lessons are offered at schools and colleges in Rotherham. We provide a range of lesson options on a variety of instruments to enable children and young people to find the musical experience best suited to them.


Rotherham Music has a dedicated and well qualified team of instrumental teachers who teach in Rotherham schools. All our teachers have a full enhanced DBS check and most are qualified at least to degree level with many years of teaching experience between them.


Tuition is normally given in school either in whole class groups (First Access) and larger groups (Progression), or in small group and individual lessons. First Access lessons are funded by the school with subsidy from Rotherham Music and there is no charge to parents. For all other lessons there is likely to be a charge; these charges may vary from school to school.


The images on this page show which families of instruments Rotherham Music can offer to schools.  Parents should contact their child’s school for full details of the instrumental music provision including instruments offered and cost of tuition.


Our hub partners Music in the Round have got some fantastic videos on their YouTube channel that offer introductions to different instruments, as well as songs and actives that teachers can use in the classroom. Check out a selection of the videos below, or visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

Instrumental Lessons - FAQs


Why learn to play a musical instrument?

First and foremost it’s an enjoyable experience! It’s a skill that you can take on through your life and will bring you a wealth of experiences.

All the studies show that playing a musical instrument enhances other areas of learning. It increases memory capacity, helps with organisational skills, enhances coordination, improves reading and comprehension skills, helps with mathematical ability, sharpens concentration, teaches discipline and much, much more.


What is the right age for starting to learn an instrument?

There is no 'right age' for learning to play a musical instrument. It depends on each individaul child. Some children are very motivated from a very young age, others come to it later. The most important thing is to be involved in music from the early years; singing, playing musical games and moving to music. If a child shows particular interest or talent you can then look around for opportunites to have more formal lessons. Have a look around this website, or contact us for more information.


How do I go about learning to play an instrument?

There are many ways you can learn to play an instrument. Some like to teach themselves but if you want to make sure you don’t get into any bad habits, learning with an experienced teacher is best.


Which instrument should I play?

This depends very much on personal preference. You should get opportunities through school to learn to play certain instruments. This will be a good introduction and you may find the instrument that is right for you here. If you decide there is a particular instrument you want to learn that is not offered at school, have a look around this website to see what other opportunities there are, or contact us for more information.


How do I find a teacher?

Most schools offer instrumental tuition either in a large group (whole class), or in smaller group and individual lessons.

Many of our partner organisations offer instrumental tuition and there are private music teachers who offer lessons.

Follow the links below to find out more about where you can learn to play a musical instrument:


Rotherham Music Service

Percussion 365

Rotherham College

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