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One Voice

We look forward to bringing over 1000 voices from local schools together at One Voice 2024. Take the chance to see your child performing at One Voice this year

and delve into the world of sound, creativity and music discovery.

We are thrilled to welcome you all to One Voice 2024. Our annual singing event where we invite all schools in Rotherham to come and sing together for one very special performance. This year we are so excited to have an expanded collaboration with the wonderful Royal Opera House. Expect professional singers as well as 500+ young voices singing TOGETHER!

Hurry, follow the link down below to book your tickets now! 

Tickets for Day 1 (25th June)

Tickets for Day 2 (26th June)

One Voice (Day 1 - Day 2)

25-26th June 2024

More events will appear here as the calendar updates

Big Blast

9th July 2024

Summer Proms (St Alban's Church)

11th July 2024

Summer School

24-26th July 2024

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