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About The Hub


Rotherham Music Education Hub is a partnership of organisations that exists to improve and extend music education in Rotherham. The lead partner is Rotherham Music.  The Hub is funded by Arts Council England.

Rotherham Music Education Hub has a range of local, regional and national partners that work with us to provide high quality music activities

The Rotherham Music Hub provides a gateway to musical excellence, as defined in The Importance of Music – A National Plan for Music Education (see below) enabling the children and young people of Rotherham to have access to a life that is enriched and inspired by high quality musical experiences.

We will ensure that children and young people in Rotherham have the best possible opportunity to engage with music making and music appreciation through the creation of opportunities for them to:

  • Sing

  • Learn to play a musical instrument

  • Sing in choirs and play in ensembles

  • Experience high quality music education in school

  • Participate in large scale music events

  • Access, understand and use music technology

OfSTED has produced a number of key reports (see below) identifying the importance of music education and outlining what schools and music hubs must do to improve the quality of music education in England. Rotherham Music Hub will work with partners, especially schools, to create high quality music activity which also provides good value for money.

Make Payments

If you need to make a payment for any element relating to Rotherham Music, simply click the button below. You will be re-directed to the RMBC payments page where you can select the item you need to pay for.

Why us?

Ofsted: Wider Still and Wider  (March 2012)

Ofsted: Music in Schools – What Hubs Must Do (November 2013)

The Importance of Music – A National Plan for Music Education  (2011)

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