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Learn to sing - FAQs


Why sing?

There are many benefits from singing; physically, emotionally and socially. Singing exercises our lungs, benefits our hearts and circulation and generally helps us to feel good. Through singing different songs we learn about all sorts of things including other countries, cultures and different languages. There are lots of songs that help with coordination and improve mathematical and reading skills








How do I get involved in singing?

Singing is the most easily accessible way of getting involved in music. You don’t need to buy an instrument or learn complicated techniques to get started –  just open your mouth and sing!  Having said that, you will get the most benefit if you have a good teacher, either in a group or in individual lessons.

How do I find a teacher?

Some schools offer vocal tuition  in small groups and individual lessons. Many of our partner organisations offer vocal tuition and there are private music teachers who offer lessons. Follow the links below to find out more about where you can learn to sing.


What is the Hub doing to encourage more children to sing?

We have a multi-layered approach to vocal teaching where singing is an integral part of the daily lives of children and young people in Rotherham schools.

We are doing this by:


  • Identifying a singing champion in every school who will encourage and nurture singing in all Key Stages and across the curriculum.

  • Offering CPD sessions to classroom teachers and support staff, signposting them to resources and other training opportunities.

  • Giving children and young people the opportunity to perform in choirs in and out of school, in the annual One Voice vocal extravaganza and in the new Rotherham Choir.


Rotherham Music

Rotherham College

VIDEO: How singing together changes the brain.

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